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Story Notes:   My first completed story. Beta-ed by the absolutely fantastic Priceless. I can not thank you enough, Pricey! All remaining mistakes are mine.
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 When Buffy walks out of the police station in Dead Things she leaves Spike bruised and battered in the alley. But she wouldn't be Buffy if she wouldn't come back ... 

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flow's Lucifer fanfiction recommendation list

Just like I joined the Buffyverse fandom very late - in 2017 - I have also come late to the Lucifer fandom. However this time I actually watched the show before it ended. I binge-watched four seasons in about two or three weeks, then immediately started a re-watch. I also started looking for Lucifer fan-fiction.

Tom Ellis truly carries the show and he does it with just a look on his face or the deliverance of a line. It is difficult to transform his acting into writing. Lucifer is super-strong, good-looking, wealthy, educated and well-mannered. He also often is childlike in very many ways. I have read numerous Lucifer fanfics in which we see only the charismatic and powerful king of hell but not the insecure and immature twelve-year-old. What I’ve been looking for in Lucifer fanfics are stories that show us all of his layers. The ones you find below meet this requirement.

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flow's Spuffy fanfiction recommendation list

There are already dozens of Spuffy fanfic recommendation lists on Tumblr, LiveJournal, forums, and Facebook. But I wanted to have my own list. So, here we go. The following list is all about my personal favorites in Spuffy fanfiction!

This list is not yet complete. I am still catching up with twenty years of Spuffy fanfiction. I have no idea, how many Spuffy fanfics are out there but I know that I have read only a small number of them so far. If you miss your fic or one of your favorite fics on this list, it might be because I haven`t read them yet. In that case please leave me a message and tell me what fic should also be on this list!

Most fics listed here can be found on Elysian Fields (EF), Archive Of Our Own (AO3), Livejournal (lj), The Spuffy Realm (TSR), The Bloodshedverse, All About Spike (AAS), (, Nocturnal Light (NL) and Twisting the Hellmouth (TtH). Some are only available via the Wayback machine because the sites they had been archived on have sadly been closed. I have named for each fic one site where it can be found and I also give the approximate word count. Some of the fics can not be found online anymore. If you are looking for one of those feel free to pm me.

Enough said, let`s jump into it:

For absolute beginners

When I first stumbled into the world of Spuffy fanfiction, I was being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fics that can be found on the internet. And the question arose: Where do I start? With “the classics”? Season-rewrite? Post-series? Time-travel? Alternate universe? All human? Dark and angsty? Light and fluffy?

I`d highly recommend anyone who is an absolute beginner to start with something, that is written lightheartedly and as close to canon as possible while also being rather short. Very suitable is a short fic, that is set within the series and simply adds a missing scene or a missing episode. That way the story will instantly take you back to the show and our beloved characters and you can lay back and enjoy the ride. There is time enough for the heavy stuff later. 

These fics fulfill the above-mentioned requirement and are an excellent starting point for every newbie in fanfiction:

Centering by Penny Drdful on EF 20k
Buffy and Spike go on a road trip in season 5. An episode that never was but could easily have been. Funny, lighthearted with a bit of magic, a bit of fighting, and a bit of kissing.

Do You Believe by Rebcake on EF 4k
Buffy is through with magic. But magic is not through with Buffy. Set in season 4 this fic fills out several blanks between episodes.

Ahead of Her Time by Haylecc on 39k
A very well written, lighthearted time-travel fic. Someone travels back from the future to season 4 to meet Buffy and Spike and to rescue a mysterious “weapon”.

The Gentleman Wore Leather series by slaymesoftly on EF 36k
Four stories between 3k and 21k words, set in season 2-season 3. Buffy and Spike meet on Halloween and things turn out differently than they did on the show. The series portrays how their Halloween encounter changes their relationship during season 2 and 3. I issue a fair warning though because in this fic Buffy and Spike have sex while Buffy is still a minor under Californian law. It does not bother me but I know that it bothers some people, so be aware.

Promises, Promises by Sigyn on EF 7k
A missing episode from season 6. Buffy believes Spike has been dusted during a fight with a demon. This fic is intense and goes partly angsty, although it ends on a very hopeful note. It is a perfect transition to dig deeper into the world of Spuffy fanfiction, now, that we are through with the stories for absolute beginners.

Shorter fics

Fanfiction has developed its own classification of stories based on the length of a fic. There are drabbles, vignettes, ficlets, one-shots, multi-chaptered stories, epics, and so on. The following fics all have a word count of under 70k words, meaning, that they are shorter than an average novel. They range from just a missing scene to an episode-rewrite or up to a whole season re-write.

Ars Poetica by Lirazel on EF 17k
This story covers season 2 - season 7, adding a missing scene for each season. Each scene is connected to a poem. You`ll meet Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Shakespeare, and many more. The author has managed to find the perfect poem for each scene. Or maybe she just wrote the perfect scene for each poem. Anyway, it is a wonderful journey into the world of poetry.

Being Somebody Else by Eowyn315 on EF 9k
Between season 2 and season 3 Buffy went to L.A. and worked as Anne, the waitress in a diner. There are numerous fics, that cover this interlude. This one is my personal favorite of all “Anne-fics”. Please be warned. Spike is soulless, unchipped, and evil.

A Brief History of Now by Gwyneth Rhys on EF 6k
Season 7`s relationship between Buffy and Spike seen through the eyes of Willow. Apart from being a really sweet Spuffy fic, this story also has a fantastic Willow voicing.

Reformation by OffYourBird on EF 20k
In season 6 Spike decides that what little Buffy allows herself to give him is not enough and he leaves. He builds himself a new life, but he cannot forget her. And so he starts to write her letters. This is a spin-off from the Jumpverse series but you don`t have to be familiar with the Jumpverse to get into this fic. It is a very sweet romantic love story that will warm your heart whenever you feel lost or lonely.

Getaway by Cousinjean on EF 19k
Another road trip fic! This one is set in season 6, post As You Were. Spike tries to get through to Buffy. Will a weekend trip do the trick?

Journey`s: A Promise To A Lady by Mary on EF 53k
This is the first part of a three-part series (the second being Journey`s: Awakenings and the third sadly remaining a permanent WIP). But only this first part made it on my favorite list and it works pretty well as a stand-alone fic. It is set post The Gift and it portrays Spikes`grief, guilt, and pain in the weeks and months following Buffy`s death. Consider yourself warned: This is neither fluffy nor happy. It is very beautiful but it hurts at the same time.

A Touch of her Style by myrabeth (not available online anymore) 49k
Finally, we get some action! Robin Wood comes to Sunnydale as early as season 2, to help Buffy fight Drusilla and Angelus. And he brings some backup. A vampire, who has been in love with his mother, Nikki, the Slayer, and who has protected him after she got killed. This vampire is ... Spike. A Touch Of her Style is a plot-driven fic, set in an Alternate Universe where Buffy and Spike have a chance to get to know each other better.

Fire And Stuff by valerie x on 3k
Somewhere between season 4 and season 5, the sister of the Slayer and a chipped vampire meet at a bus station. This is a short and funny glimpse into the beginning of Spike and Dawn`s friendship.

Peripheral Vision by sandy_s on EF 14k
Spike and Buffy died many years ago. Their daughter wants to meet them just one more time. This story is very poignant and bittersweet but it is incredibly well written and beautiful at the same time.

Snow Virgins by Lizerrbeathan via waybackmachine 27k
Post Becoming Part 2 Spike and Buffy meet. They both mourn the death of their loved ones. They find comfort and solace in each other and finally more than that. But will it be enough? This is a two-parter where the first part, called Snow Woman can stand completely alone and be the end of it if you wish. But if you don`t, you can of course always enjoy the second part that starts twenty years later and is called Sandman. Those two parts are combined in this fic. If you still haven`t had enough, there is also a sequel to Snow Virgins, called Spike In Snow Light.

Super Food World by valerie x on 12k
In season 6 Spike and Buffy go grocery shopping together. Huh? That`ll make a whole fic? Yes, it does. You will laugh out loud at times but you will also be sad at other times. This fic provides a lot of insight into Buffy`s and Spike`s season 6 relationship.

A Place Beyond The Rains by thewiggins on EF 10k
When Buffy jumped off the tower in The Gift, she ended up in a pocket dimension. A place where it always rains. Now she is waiting the tables in a small diner. And she is waiting. Finally, one rainy day someone comes for her... A short and low-key but nevertheless a beautiful story.

A New Dawn, A New Day by Gwennie (not available online anymore) 16k
There is a fanfiction trope called f*** or die. Two characters get thrown together and they have to have sex for a completely crazy reason. Sometimes aliens make them do it. Sometimes it is magic or poison or it`s the only way to avoid an apocalypse or impending death. This story is set post The Gift. Dawn died during the fight against Glory. There is a way to bring her back. Buffy will have the chance to give birth. But there will be no pregnancy without sex. What makes this little story such a gem is the way it defies the usual sex scenes in Spuffy fics and gives us two people who are hurt and bitter and in love (well, one of them) and desperate. Will the fact, that they have to sleep with each other without actually wanting it, destroy what could be between them? How are they going to deal with the awkwardness of the situation they find themselves in?

Ripples On A Hellmouth by stuffandnonsense on AO3 48k
This story's premise has (based on a challenge on EF) been done before. Buffy can go back in time for one day each season and change one thing. In this fic, she changes only minor details but even small changes lead to ripples on a Hellmouth. A stunning and mind-boggling fic.

Winter Lights by the_moonmoth on AO3 17k words
This is a Buffy-centric story and it's told from Buffy's POV alone. Spike doesn't even make an appearance but he is in Buffy's dreams and thoughts. Post Chosen Buffy still believes Spike has died in the Hellmouth. While trying to cope with her grief and sorrow Buffy goes on a mission that takes her to the North Pole.

Autumn’s Advancing by Cosmic Tuesday on EF 12k
There are many fics where Buffy either becomes immortal or dies of old age. This amazing story is unique because it shows the domestic life of Spike (who is still a vampire and hasn’t aged) and Buffy who has grown old and has to deal with the hardships and inconveniences of old age. It is a rather recent fic – published in 2019 and it was the first Spuffy fanfic by Cosmic Tuesday. There is also a sequel, called Stranger, Take my Helping Hand.

Myth Taken by Twinkles on EF 23k
In the year 2110 Benji, a single father, and writer who lives in Sunnyvale, California meets his new neighbors, a couple who mostly keep to themselves. However, as Benji befriends them he finds out they have fantastic stories to tell.

again, again, again by pprfaith on AO3 4k
This writer has 366 works on AO3. 172 of them have been written in the Buffyverse and this is the only Spuffy fic among them. Just. One. Single. Spuffy. Fic. You can easily tell this writer is not a die-hard Spuffy fan and yet they write Spuffy so effortlessly, sharp, and focused - we don't even get to see a Spuffy kiss because the fic ends before that happens but it's all laid out in less than 4k words.

This Wanton World by Eurydice on EF 57k
Whenever someone asks for a Spuffy fic recommendation the name Eurydice will inevitably come up. However, This Wanton World does not get the same amount of recommendations as its sister stories do. The story goes AU pre-series and it is incredibly vivid, rich, and detailed. It is dark but in a good way, it's plot-packed, well-paced, and has Ethan Rayne in it. Spike is unchipped, evil, and snarky and although Buffy is different due to certain plot twists, she is still true to herself at her core.

Epic, classic, dramatic fics

Once I became more familiar with Spuffy fanfiction, there were authors or works, that got recommended again and again. They are considered to be "must-reads" or "classics". Here are my favorites classics in novel-length Spuffy fanfic:

My Life Closed Twice by anaross on EF 110k
If I was to get exiled on a lonely island or teleported into another dimension and I was allowed to take just one fanfic with me, this would be the one I`d pick. Set post-series Buffy searches for Spike`s remains and finds him alive (well, undead) and kicking at a college, where he teaches English Literature. He seems to be not in love with her anymore but Buffy is not ready to accept that and enrolls as a guest student for his classes. There is a reason for Spike`s distance that we will find out later in this fic but until then Spike will show us the beauty of the world of poetry and you will, after having read this fic, never again ask “What does this poem mean?”. Because you know, that your vampiric English Literature professor might rip your throat out, if you do. I have to issue a warning because in this fic Spike is temporarily in a relationship with an original character. If this is a pet peeve for you, you should still read this fic. Because it is so bloody brilliant. And there will be Spuffy. I promise!

West of the Moon, East of the Sun by KnifeEdge on EF 361k
When I first stumbled across West of The Moon, East Of The Sun, I thought I would never make it through a fic that is longer than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Once I started reading it I was through before I even noticed it. This fic is (partly) written from the POV of a first-person narrator, which is quite unusual in Spuffy fics. For the first part, Buffy is the first-person narrator. For the second part, it is Spike. Those two parts stay quite close to season 5 and 6 canon although there is neither Dawn nor Glory in this Alternate Universe. Every night in her dreams Buffy is trapped in a dark room with a vampire she can`t see and who does not talk to her. Sounds creepy? It isn`t, don`t worry. The narration gives us a deep insight into Buffy`s feelings, emotions, thoughts, doubts, and fears. The third part will take us completely in AU territory with an original Big Bad and a plot-driven story. This story is the most favorite story on my favorite Spuffy fanfic site, Elysian Fields, and the ranking is truly deserved.

What She Deserves and Lovingkindness by Herself on EF 30k and 54k
Herself`s stories are regarded as being among the best in Spuffy fanfiction. Her writing has an emotional impact I have seldom ever come across, neither in fanfiction nor in original fiction. The following two stories are prequel and sequel to each other. Of all her beautiful stories those two will stay with me forever. Between season 6 and season 7 Buffy goes on a road trip. In New York, she coincidentally runs into Spike. A Spike who has changed and it takes her some time to understand why (What She Deserves). Buffy asks Spike to return to Sunnydale with her and to help in the upcoming apocalypse. He obliges, but someone who has fallen in love with him follows him to Sunnydale and Buffy has to watch how her own toxic season 6 relationship with Spike repeats itself before her eyes. Will she be able to pull Spike out of a circle of love, hate, pain, and misery? (Lovingkindness). Fair warning: These two fics have Spike temporarily in a relationship with an original male character. If that puts you off, you should read them anyway. Because you simply can`t miss them.

Otherwise by Sigyn on EF 167k
Sigyn is my favorite Spuffy fanfic writer. There are four of her fics on this list but there are some more you should really check out. Slayer Rising, Dark Kisses, Future Perfect, On Again, Off Again...
This story - Otherwise - is set in an Alternate Universe. Buffy has been killed by The Master who rules Sunnydale but her friends and Watcher and the current Slayer Faith still keep fighting. One day Willow casts a spell that goes wrong. In another dimension, our Buffy and Spike are living happily ever after post-series but now they are pulled into this Alternate Universe. They decide to stay and join the fight. But at what costs? How many ways are there to lose a soul? This fic will leave the answer to yourself while we helplessly watch Spike struggle with the consequences of Buffy`s plan.

Adieu, A Dew, I Do by Lizerrrbeathan via waybackmachine 44k
Lizerrrbeathan has long since dropped out of fandom and she has - sadly - pulled most of her wonderful Spuffy fics from the internet. Very few of them are still available via the Wayback Machine. You will either love her stream of consciousness writing or throw your laptop against the wall within the first minutes of reading. Lizerrrbeathan touches on themes like souls, love, and justice in her deeply romantic fics. Adieu, A Dew, I Do is probably her best-known story. Many years post Chosen Buffy still assumes that Spike has died in the Hellmouth. She and Giles try to find a way to fix Angel`s curse and visit a little bookshop in Scotland to look for books about magic. But the shop-owner - a man called William - has a secret of his own and he desperately tries to keep it from Buffy.

A Different Kind of Hell by OffYourBird on EF 74k
Having been posted in 2017 this fic is a very “young” classic. OffYourBird is an amazingly talented and gifted writer. The plot, characters, voicing, emotions, historical accuracy, and the flow of this story will capture you and suck you in.
When Buffy jumped off Glory`s tower, Spike managed to grab her ankle. They fell through the portal together and ended up in - London, 1880. Will they manage to team up in order to face the challenges of Victorian England? Will they make it back to our time? And what will happen, if they meet old acquaintances from the future in the past?
There is some good news for you, if you feel sad the ride is over after you have finished this fic. OffYourBird has written a sequel, called A Different Kind Of (Sunny-)Hell. Its structure is very different from A Different Kind Of Hell because it is more or a less a complete season 6 rewrite, but we get to see Buffy and Spike, who made it back from 1880 to Sunnydale again and we also see some of the original characters from A Different Kind Of Hell as well as the Sunnydale ensemble.
The series - called Jumpverse - also has got two one-shots called A Different Kind Of Wedding and A Different Kind Of Christmas. Hopefully, there will be more additions to the Jumpverse in the future.

Turn and Face the Strain (series) by Quinara on AO3 139k
This series contains the stories The More Things Stay The Same, As Good As A Rest, and Turn And Face The Strain and it is a season 6 rewrite. Quinara's Spike won`t go looking for his soul because he and Buffy manage to make their season 6 relationship work. What makes this fic unique and a must-read is that it does not come easy to them. They still fight, they struggle and they fail. Buffy is suffering from severe depression and Spike trades demon eggs. Still ... they pull each other through in the end. Quinara has also written a complete rewrite for season 7, which is called I Love You Is A Thing You Say To People Who Are Dying. It`s not a sequel to the Turn And Face The Strain series, but if you liked this series you really also should look into its season 7 equivalent.

The Butterfly Effect by Cousinjean on EF 52k
This fic is neither epic nor novel-length. But it is a classic Spuffy time travel fic. A nearly perfect fic. The one small drawback is, that the writer planned to write a sequel to this story and - alas - never did. Buffy is still trying to come to terms with Spike`s death in the Hellmouth post Chosen. A demon meddling with the time-line makes it necessary for her to travel back to Sunnydale 1998, where a soulless, unchipped, and evil Spike is determined to find a cure for Drusilla. But what will happen, when Buffy and Spike meet?

Beg The Liquid Red by Eurydice on EF 80 k
Almost all of Eurydice`s fics are epic and all of them are legendary. Make sure to check out Black Satin Voices, A Stone`s Throw from Yesterday, Promise of Frost, or Charms of the Clarion. This fic is a bit darker than her stories usually are. We will meet not just one, but two Spikes in this fic, one soulless, and the other ensouled. And Buffy is torn between them in a dystopian world where the Initiative has never been defeated and Adam rules Sunnydale.

Demons I Have Known by Gwennie (not available online anymore) 73k
This debut fic has hit the Spuffy fanfic community in 2018 like a thunderbolt and has instantly become a classic. Half a year and three more fics later, Gwennie pulled all her stories from the internet and dropped out of fandom. Her exceptional, brilliant, and outstanding fics are sadly not available online anymore.
Post Chosen Buffy mourns Spike when Giles and Willow approach her with a request. They would like to have a reprise of every single one of her fights with every Big Bad. Buffy agrees to do a spell that suddenly goes wrong and replays each and every interaction she ever had with Spike. This fic takes us through six seasons, adding missing scenes all along the way without ever-changing canon.

Living Conditions by Sweetprincipale on EF 76k
This is another “Anne-fic”. Spike and Buffy coincidentally end up as roommates in L.A. after the events of Becoming Part 2. A lot of spackling ensues.

Distress Signals by Peace Heather on EF 90k
Although this fic is set post Chosen it is pretty much a missing episode, that could easily have been in the show, because it stays very close to canon. In addition, it also has a beautiful Spike/Xander bonding talk. Post Chosen Spike has been kidnapped by a demon and Buffy and Xander come to his rescue.

Dark or angsty fics

Do you like it dark and angsty? I don`t have that many recommendations for this genre. But there are some dark or angsty fics that are simply too good to be skipped. I don`t know if there is an official definition for dark or angsty, but I'd say “Angst" is about emotional pain whereas "Dark" is about physical pain. Therefore some of the following fics contain major character deaths and/or graphic descriptions of violence or rape. If you are triggered by either of them, please don`t read the stories I recommend. Just proceed to the funny fics instead.

Fin Amour by Angearia on EF 13k
The monks` spell works differently in this season 5 re-write and Buffy is pregnant with Dawn. I can`t say much more about this story without giving too much away. Except, that it is sad. And intense. And deeply romantic. And heartbreaking.

Ipseity by Baphrosia/spuffy luvr on EF 101k
There are many Spuffy fanfics in which Buffy takes care of an amnesiac Spike. In this story, it is Buffy who loses her memories during the fight in the Hellmouth. In the aftermath of that battle and while still being injured she teams up with a Buffyverse character. Nah, I won't tell with whom. You have to find out yourself. She defies the help of her friends and tries to stand on her own two feet. The circumstances leave her hardened and in the course of this story she turns against Angel and Spike up to a point where she nearly dusts both of them. However, Spike does not give up on her and in the end manages to get through to her. This is a very unusual and stunning story.

Proud Trophies Won in Foreign Fight by Baphrosia/spuffy luvr on EF 46k
This is a time travel fic that takes Buffy post Chosen back to World War I. It is a stunning trip into a nowadays almost forgotten war. This fic made it onto the dark fic list - and not the epic fic list -, because of one rape scene, that might squick you out. Be warned. If you want to see Buffy and Spike fight in yet another war I highly recommend We Will Remember Them by Lilachigh on EF. It is set in World War II and as amazingly well written as this fic.

Perfect World by Cousinjean on EF 56k
Souled Spike returns to Sunnydale post Grave and accidentally makes a wish. He ends up in a Wishverse, where Adam was never defeated, Willow got turned and he himself is the Master vampire of Sunnydale with Harmony as his girlfriend. Buffy is presumed to be dead but Spike soon finds out that she is being held captive by the Initiative. Rape is implied in this fic and many beloved characters have turned evil, while others are dead and some former foes have become allies.

A Matter of Taste by Twinkles on EF 73k
A virus from the Initiative’s lab transforms the human population of Sunnydale into demon-eating zombies. Buffy is in danger but she is also affected by the virus. This fic is a stunning picture of how humans turn into monsters and how the predator suddenly becomes prey.

Lighthearted, funny, hilarious fics

Writing a funny fic is maybe the most difficult thing to do in writing fanfiction. The following fics have one thing in common: They all made me laugh out loud more than once while I was reading them. Do you want to take a break from drama, angst, and apocalypses? Buckle your belt and go for a ride on the funny side of fanfiction:

Running from the Inevitable by The Enemy Of Reality on EF 65k
Road trips are usually a synonym for hilarious fics. This is a page-turner right from the beginning and between Amazons on the warpath, blue balls, and stolen police motorbikes Buffy and Spike fall in love - inevitably.

But Where Have All the Wings Gone? By Gort and Sunalso on EF 13k
Something evil is afoot in Sunnydale. All the Buffalo Wings are sold out. Spike and Buffy try to find the Big Bad, who is behind this evil scheme. And they find a whole new way of playing Parchisi.

The Spuffy, the Witch and the Utility Shed by bewildered on EF 22k
Have you ever opened a wardrobe door as a child, expecting to find a faun, a beaver, and Father Christmas? When Spike and Buffy enter a strange but familiar dimension through a wardrobe hijinks ensue and Narnia will never be the same again.

Apple Pie by HCB on EF 16k
Buffy wants the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner. Spike helps to make an Apple Pie. Also, there is a pillow fight. What more do you need for a perfect funny fic?

Vs. by ChryhCn on EF 51k
Spike`s Demon vs. Pants, Spike vs. First Date, and Buffy vs. William`s Shyness are sparkling diamonds among funny Spuffy fanfics. In this three-part series, Buffy and Spike have a serious relationship set in season 5 with just a few tiny obstacles like Spike turning into his demon or a first date going all wrong, or Spike turning into William.

Wild and Wonderful by solstice on EF 23k
There is not much Spuffy in this fic, which is set post Becoming Part 2, because it focuses on Spike and Dawn, who are on a road trip. Is Jell-O really a healthy and nutritious diet for a twelve-year-old? And how does Harry Potter fit into this story? You'll have to read and find out for yourself.

The Never-Verse by Bojangles on EF 30k
This is a series with eight stories, starting with The Fish Incident. The stories are each between 1k-2k words, except for Never Stay With Spuffy, which has about 20k words. Each fic is set post series and pictures the happy domestic life of Buffy and Spike who are in an established relationship. Make sure, you are alone, when reading this story because you might freak people out when you start laughing out loud. On the other hand - make sure you are not alone because you might need help when you fall off of your sofa because you are laughing so hard.

GTFO by Girlytek on EF 53k
This is a hilarious take on the season 4 episode A New Man. Fyarl!Giles and Spike are chasing after Ethan Rayne while Buffy and the Scoobies are chasing after them. They all finally meet up in Disneyland and a spell goes awry ...


Let`s meet a couple that isn`t canon and has never met on the show and/or in the comic seasons. Let me introduce Buffy and ... William. There are many different ways to set off a Wuffy fic. Buffy can go back in time or William can go forward in time or Spike can be under a spell that turns him back into William or throws him into his own past. Last not least they can even meet in a dream or while Buffy is in heaven between season 5 and season 6.

Yours William by Puddinhead on EF 76k
This fic is set in 19th century England. When the PTB offer Buffy a reward, she asks for Spike to get another chance to live and ends up as his parlor maid in Victorian London. Of all the William fics this is probably the one that has the most detailed historical setting. It is also a very romantic story and on top of all that you will find yourself laughing out loud. If you want to find out more about Kurt Cobain the Yorkshire poet and the aims and benefits of a cock lock, you have to read this fic. There is a sequel called My Elizabeth and a one-shot called The Absolutely Accurate Adventures of Andrew Wells, which you shouldn`t miss either.

The Book of William by Lizerrrbeathan (not available online anymore) 107k
This is the third fic by Lizerrrbeathan that has made it on my list and I have already said everything there is to say with regard to her unique writing style. Spike gets a reward and he asks for William to be given a second chance. In the following years William leads a quiet, reclusive life and stays away from Buffy until one day they both start working for a theatre company on a stage production of Shakespeare`s Romeo and Juliet.

If I Saw You in Heaven by Sigyn on EF 69k
Post The Gift Buffy is in heaven and meets William. They fall in love with each other, but suddenly they become aware that Buffy's friends are planning to pull her out of heaven. Will Buffy and William be able to avert the threat to their happiness? And if not will there be a way they can be reunited?

Legions Of True Hearts by Eurydice on EF 181k
It is in a dream that Buffy post Graduation Day meets a man who's name is William. But the dream, sweet and beautiful as it is, is part of an evil scheme and when Buffy does not wake up anymore, it is no one else but Spike who has to pull her back to the present while a turned Slayer seeks vengeance in the past. This fic was actually inspired by the below-mentioned A Cricket from California by Elsa Frohman. I will always remember this fic for the last line, which is wonderful and heartbreaking. Nah, I am not telling - you'll simply have to read it for yourself. Make sure you don't miss the Spuffy sequel A Symphony Of Echoes.

Secret As The Grave by Miss Murchison on EF 49k
I`ve bent the rules a bit with this fic. It has far more Spike in it than William. While Buffy was dead she met William in heaven. Now she is fighting the First Evil in season 7 with Spike but she does not confide in him about meeting his human alter ego while she was dead. And Spike ... keeps a secret of his own ...

Only Time Will Tell by dampersandspoons on NL 75k
Post Chosen Buffy has to go on a mission that takes her back to 1878 to retrieve an artifact that is pivotal in an upcoming apocalypse. But Buffy loses her memory accidentally while jumping through the portal and when a young man called William comes to her rescue, he is a complete stranger to her...

Liebestod by Iamblichus on EF 148k
A spell by the Guardians sends Buffy back to London 1880. But while she is on a time travel mission to save the world from yet another apocalypse and to protect the Key she accidentally bumps into a young man with sandy brown curls and very blue eyes.

That I May Cease To be by cousinjean on EF 18k
In season 7 Spike, tortured by The First Evil, suddenly finds himself back in the body and life of William in 1880 London. Is there a way for him to get back to our time, to Sunnydale and to Buffy? And just how far does he have to go to find that way?

Fool’s Paradise by kats_meow on EF 7k
This time it is William who, post Chosen, finds himself in the body and life of Spike with no memory at all beyond the year of our Lord 1880. But is this real?

Re-union fics

We all know that Spike couldn`t call Buffy after he popped out of the amulet in Angel`s office in AtS season 5. But wait - why couldn`t he call her? Obviously, because James Marsters had signed a contract for the whole season 5 of AtS and therefore Spike couldn`t go off to Scotland and Buffy where he belonged. On the other hand, Sarah Michelle Gellar was busy with other projects. Thus Buffy couldn`t come to L.A. and kiss the hell out of Spike. What we got was a lame decoy in The Girl In Question and some wonderful re-union fics. These are my favorites:

A Better Man by Sunalso on EF 76kk
This time it is Buffy who - severely injured - suffers from depression post Chosen. Her friends finally build a Spikebot who is supposed to take care of her and look after her. But the bot can not pull her out of her misery. When Spike learns about her state of mind he decides to swap places with the bot.

Journaling by Gort on EF 5k
Post Chosen a mourning Buffy keeps a journal to deal with the stages of her grief. One day Dawn decides to take matters into her hands and she sends the journal off to L.A.

Closer by The Housekeeper on EF 12k
Four years after the events of Chosen Buffy works in a coffee shop in L.A. One day Spike comes to see her. A very short, lovely, low-key reunion fic.

Nevertime by anaross on AO3 14k
Post Not Fade Away Spike, Illyria, and a shanshued Angel travel through a winter hell world in which demons reign. Will they be able to make their way back to Buffy?

Domino Effect by anaross on EF 15k
Post Chosen Buffy travels back through time and dimension to End of Days trying to prevent Spike`s death in the Hellmouth. Warning: there will be major character death and I am not talking about Andrew or Kennedy here.

Ketchup and The Crocodile by yellowb on EF 24k
Post Bargaining a successfully resurrected Buffy leaves Sunnydale because another Slayer has already been called, Dawn lives with Hank in Spain and Buffy feels alienated from her friends who pulled her out of heaven. She moves to New York and very slowly starts to heal and to re-adjust to life. One day, Spike comes to visit her. Another very low-key, sweet reunion fic.

No Mistake by TreacleA on AO3 43k
Post Chosen Spike wakes up in the middle of a desert with a heartbeat but no memories at all. He slowly makes his way back to L.A. but will he re-unite with Buffy there? And is there a way to regain his memories? A very unusual fic.

One Night in London by stephwin on EF 5k
At Wesley`s funeral, Buffy and Spike meet for the first time since Chosen. They decide to go to a pub, have a drink, and talk. Don`t miss out on the sequel One Day in London.

Whose Torment is This, Anyway? By Rebcake on EF 5k
This reunion fic takes place in the AtS season 5 episode Destiny. Buffy arrives at the opera house just in time to kick the cup out of Spike`s hands. It`s a truly adorable fic.


Many fans consider the series to have ended with Chosen or Not Fade Away and ignore the comic seasons. That`s fine and it allows for wonderful fanfiction. But the comics gave us something beautiful - a healthy and happy Spuffy relationship (Season 12? What season 12?). That`s the reason I love comic fics so much. They have a strong vibe of that happy and loving relationship between Spike and Buffy. We should all get more Spuffy happiness and I am hopeful there will be a lot more comic fics in the future.

Everytime You Say Good-Bye by slaymesoftly on EF 30k
Buffy, Xander, and Dawn are living in San Francisco. Buffy works at a coffee shop, magic has been erased and Spike is the captain of a spaceship. Ain`t the comics wonderful? His staff are giant bugs. Ain`t the comics weird? Anyway, this fic starts with Buffy living in San Francisco and moving into an apartment of her own. Spike pays her a visit. This fic has a very easy flow with a well-written plot at just the right pace. We also meet our beloved characters from the series and above all Spike and Buffy are slowly getting closer again. Just enjoy!

Lost Continent series by Dactylgirl (not available online anymore) 16k
This is a series containing four beautiful fics. All of them are set in season 10 when Buffy and Spike finally allow themselves to admit their feelings. They try to make their relationship work. And it does work! The four stories called In Such A Night, In Focus, Comfort, And Joy, and Boxing Day were once described by a friend of mine as “A moment frozen in time”. And that`s what they are. Pure beauty and perfection.

The feeling of being in motion again by bayloriffic on LiveJournal 9k
In season 9 Buffy crashed on Xander`s and Dawn`s sofa and Spike lived on a dirigible run by giant bugs. It's obvious they both need a place of their own and that's why they go flat-hunting together.

Just To Reach You by Sunalso on EF 21k
Sunalso is one of the most prolific Spuffy fanfic writers. She covers every genre from dark to funny to romantic. And smut. Lots of smut. But this little gem is a comic fic in which Buffy and Spike actually talk. Yes, they talk. About their relationship. Like mature people in a happy, healthy relationship do.

Firsts by Bjarka99 on EF 5k
This short story is loosely set in season 10 but mostly has Buffy and Spike lying in bed one lazy afternoon and talking about their first kiss, first crush, first hand-job ... Oh, and there is some lovely smut as well.

The Gordian Talk by Dactylgirl (not available online anymore) 3k
Another Dactylgirl fic. Buffy and Spike talk about their relationship. Relationship talks obviously are a Spuffy comic fanfic trope.

Will You Come With Me? By shutyourhellmouth on EF 1k
If you are not familiar with the comics you might not know that season 9 gave us an unforgettable arc called the robortion arc. Buffy is a robot. A robot who thinks she is pregnant. A pregnant robot, who wants to get an abortion. Yes, the comics are full of surprises. Anyway, the one person Buffy turns to for help is - Spike. This fic tells the part of the story we never saw in the comics because ... you know ... robots don't get pregnant.

But My Sorrow Has No Friends by BarbC/rahirah on EF <1k
In season 10 Buffy and Spike have to face a demon called the Soul Glutton. It`s a demon that sucks out souls and Spike asks Buffy to stake him if the Soul Glutton should get hold of his. Of course, our heroes save the day as always and no souls get sucked out in the comics. But what if? This very short ficlet answers the question.

The Mired Path by Priceless on AO3 36k
Three years after the events of season 12 Spike and Buffy are still separated. Both have left San Francisco and started a new life without the other one. But when Angel gets trapped in a hell dimension while attempting to rescue Illyria they have to team up for a rescue mission and they find more than they bargained for. A beautiful, sweet, and deeply romantic season 12 fix-it-fic. Fair warning: Temporarily Spike/other (only mentioned).

Crossover fics

When I first started reading Spuffy fanfic, I scorned the idea of crossover fics. I wanted to read about my favorite show and my beloved characters and no one else. Now I know, that there are gems to be found in crossover fics. If crossovers are your cup of tea, I highly recommend the fanfic site Twisting the Hellmouth, which is solely devoted to Buffy crossover fanfics. You will find every kind of crossovers there - Buffy with Harry Potter, Buffy with Dean and Sam from Supernatural, Buffy meets Dr. Who, and even Buffy and Mr. Darcy. The following fics might give you an idea, how enjoyable crossover fics can be:

Immortal by Sigyn on EF 167k
Torchwood is a spin-off of the British television series Dr. Who. Its protagonist is the charming, handsome, and immortal time agent Captain Jack Harkness. Usually, he runs the Torchwood Institute in Cardiff but in 2004 he happens to be on a sabbatical in Rome where he meets a certain Slayer who is still grieving Spike`s death in the Hellmouth.

Who`s The Doctor by Miss Murchinson on livejournal 2k
This fic is set during the events of As You Were. Instead of handgrenading Spike`s crypt, Buffy simply asks him if it is true that he`s the Doctor. We all knew, Spike never was the Doctor. But until this fic came along we didn`t know, who the Doctor was.

Colors by anaross on AO3 25k
Serenity is a movie by Joss Whedon, based on his tv-series Firefly. You don`t need to have watched the tv-series or the movie to get into this fic. You only need to know, that about 500 years in the future there will be a spaceship called Serenity and that is where Spike ends up when Illyria opens a portal in Not Fade Away.

John Hart, Not a Vampire by DWduck on TtH 10k
In the Torchwood episode Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang Captain Jack Harkness re-unites with an old friend, fellow time agent, and former lover. The guy is called Captain John Hart and in the tv-show, he is portrayed by James Marsters. Now ... what would happen, if Captain John Hart ever visits Sunnydale? You`ll find out in this story...


Crave by Nautibitz
Buffy is happily married to Lindsay McDonald, an aspiring young lawyer but when she meets his father - ruthless and super-rich business-man Spike - she is drawn to him and they start a secret affair. All Human. This sounds like a story I would never read and for a long time, I didn’t. Then I finally caved and started it. I couldn’t stop until I was through. This is so unbelievably hot. It shouldn’t work but it does and I don’t know what kind of magic Nautibitz works but she writes in a league of her own. Best.Smut.Ever.

Christmas Fics

The Mangy Lion by Puddinhead on EF 35k
While Spike is still being tortured by The First Evil in season 7 and Buffy can`t yet find a way to rescue him, the Powers That Be decide, to give the two of them a break. A Christmas holiday in London, 1880. This is romantic, funny, poignant, and very Christmas-y. It is a fic you should definitely not miss.

Let Nothing You Dismay by Constance
It’s season 5 and Christmas time and Spike and Dawn have to rescue Buffy from the Initiative. But to do so they have to get rid of his chip first and Buffy is not too happy when she finds out. Heartwarming, funny, well written, and a special treat for your next Christmas.

A Cricket from California by Elsa Frohman on EF 8k
On Christmas Eve during season 7, while Spike is still being tortured by the First Evil, Willow offers Buffy a herbal tea that will make a dream of her own choice come true for one night. Buffy ends up in Cambridge about 1875 and meets a young student called William.

Fics that defy categories

Lydia Chalmer`s Thesis on William The Bloody by various authors on AO3 41k
Do you remember Lydia? She is the Watcher bird, who wrote her thesis about Spike. The thesis has been published on the internet. This extraordinary piece of work was a collaborative creation that first started on the (now no longer available) site Tea At The Ford.

Mortal Enemies by Laure Alexander on SlayerOfflineLibrary 17k
This is another “Anne-fic”. It is the earliest Spuffy fanfic I have - so far - come across. It was written and published in November 1998 which means it pre-dates not only Out Of Your Mind but also Something Blue. If you know any earlier Spuffy fanfic stories, please let me know. I am such a sucker for Spuffy fanfic history.

Life Hard by Soulburnt on EF 1.4M
This fic starts with Spike going to get his soul between season 5 and season 6. With 1.4 million (!) words this fic is the longest Spuffy fanfic story I have seen so far. It is truly the War And Peace of Buffy fanfiction. Apart from its word count it is also beautifully written and a page-turner. The author has been writing this story from 2006 until 2017. That is simply amazing. If you know any even longer Spuffy fanfic stories, please let me know. There is a prequel to Life Hard called Life Harsh that can be found on

Out of my Mind in Inky Drabbles by Twinkles on EF 3k
Poetry and artwork. It`s unique and amazing.

Not Chosen by Linda on
This is a complete rewrite of the script for Chosen. It was written as a parody but many scenes are so much better than the original script.